Apple Stock Holder Nightmare OS X on regular PC’s

Let’s face the facts it is early in the game and people are already getting OS X running on regular PC’s that normally run Windows. It is such a nightmare for Apple that they have their lawyers serving DMCA notices to anyone that links to sites that show how to do it or even discusses it. They are demanding site take downs and legal notices are flying.

Guess what Apple I have no sympathy, for years you have charged consumers a premium for your computers and had people locked in. People like choices and you have to face the fact that your decision to move to Intel based chips is opening the door for people to run OS X on computers that used to be reserved for Windows and Linux. [ZDNet]

If manufactures were smart they would insure that they made it easy for people to do this. They don’t have to break the law to introduce feature sets on their computers that run better when run on OS X

One thought on “Apple Stock Holder Nightmare OS X on regular PC’s

  1. I agree 100%. Apple had to realize that Microsoft name doesn’t have the bite that it used to. Apple has done well with OSX, and I also think Apple has what it takes to go up against Big Redmond. If I were Apple I’d sieze this opportunity and distrube OSX for x86 machines. Put a $100 price tag on it to show consumers the confidence that they have in their product.

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