Dave Winer takes a Swing at Apple’s Photocasting RSS Implementation

This morning when I woke up I saw that one of our editors here at Geek News Central had done a great iLife 06 review, and when I went to look at her photocasting page via my Windows machine it said I could not view them as the browser wasn’t supported both Forefox and IE would not load the page.


So I switched over to my Mac Mini, I loaded Firefox and tried to load the page and to my suprise I could not view the page. Finally I had to resort to using Safari and the page loaded and what they have created looks pretty cool. But I kinda of did a are they kidding me routine when it took 4 browsers to get the page to load. What the heck is wrong with Apple? They should have a big ass disclaimer that say Photocasting is limited to Safari browsers on Mac operating system only all others go away!

Then I read Dave’s post on his six month mostly positive experience with a Mac, but what shocked me is how much he paid for it, The system cost him $5500.00 and he is complaing on how slow it is (Dave did that include the monitor cost),
he like many others are no longer willing to be locked into a platform and I think that is a good stance to have.

I will be the first to admit I really like what they have done in Garageband though, for Podcasting that was a definite step in the right direction.

On a side note though it was a interesting revelation that Adam Curry the so called PodFather has switched back to an inexpensive PC to do Podcast recording because of the trouble he has had in production recently [Dave Winer]