Apple Photocasting RSS is all Jacked up!

Well it did not take long for people to dig into Photocasting that Apple introduced this week at Macworld, and like a lot of things Apple has done lately in the RSS space, looks like the blew it! The implementation is pretty bad although the idea is good they don’t even have a compliant RSS feed, once again they are using tags and name space elements that do not exist of which they could have adapted existing elements. Why do they feel they have to go on their own all the time why can’t they use existing tags and elements is beyond me and why is it so hard for Apple to reach out and ask for guidance of those that could have helped and knew what they were doing instead of obviously guessing. [Dave Winer]


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    In my opinion pioneers in the electronic world don’t do great things by copying others. Pioneers are leaders. Apple has lead the industry not in all aspects but in a great many. Apple chooses innovation and leading the industry over conformation and following it. If they decide to go with a different format maybe it’s for a good reason, maybe not. You can’t do great things without taking some risk.