Bye Bye Vegas and reflections on CES

Well my trip to Las Vegas to the Consumer Electronic show is finished and it’s back to regular content here at GNC starting tomorrow. I am on a plane most of the day back to Hawaii but look forward to getting back.

I will have some deeper reflections on CES in the near future but let me say this. This is a highly orchestrated event in that large companies have their PR machines in high gear insuring that the corporate message they want to lay out for the coming year is put forth. Among the thousands of vendors probably 75% of them are small to medium companies who get little or no exposure, many of these companies have great products to offer.

While talking to some of them, they were grateful that anyone with an audience would even say hello. When I explained that Andy and I were their to look for small companies that were doing cool stuff and talk to those that helped make it happen instead of the PR people they got it and most where excited to talk to us.

Most definitely the most motivated vendors where the Asian companies and it is obvious that they are pretty much a after thought to the CEA, as company after company that were jammed into 2 halls were essentially left to network with one another, sure they got some traffic but most said that very few American business men where taking the time to go visit their booths.

I did talk to one American business person and he said that the Chinese, Korean, Taiwan etc delegations were the best kept secret of the show and that he had personally signed over 25 million dollars in manufacturing deals in 3 days. But he said for some reason many of his competitors were no where to be seen and he feels that he will have a edge over them in the coming year.

What was really strange was that Google and several other companies that don’t have consumer electronics were at the show. I asked a Google PR person what their goals where for the show, and she said because I did not have a press badge she was unable to answer that question! Go Figure.

I did go into the Sony booth and asked them if I could see some of the CD’s that had the rootkit in them, what was funny was the person I asked it to, went and asked someone that had a thick stack of papers were the CD’s were and I got the glare of a lifetime.

It’s funny how PR people act in booths when your talking to the developers and engineers and have a microphone out (I never recorded without someones permission). I was told 34 times that I was not allowed to record conversations in various booth’s unless either a PR or the designated talking head was available.

So here is the bottom line folks you get to here the exact coverage that the companies want you to hear, I have observed a great number of reporting organizations just re-purposing the press releases that have been handed to them. I don’t think very many organizations are actually doing stories from the floor, because their was a distinct lack of press badges anywhere on the floor. I know because I was looking for them.

I did run into one camera crews that were being paid by the vendor to come into their booth and do mini commercials etc. Overall a very interesting trip and I will have more comments later, but overall a very eye opening experience.

More late but the best swag by far was the