Bloggers are becoming aware of Attention

I have seen a variety of post over the last couple of days that have resulted in some discussions about Bloggers having their content stolen and re-posted on other sites with that discussion morphing into how various sites and services are getting rich on the aggregated content that they are pulling from bloggers sites and essentially re-packaging.

But if you look at it from the perspective that these services would not exist in their current format without bloggers and bloggers would not reach as of audiences without them. For some their is a love hate relationship that is starting to develop.

These relationships can improve but those that are running those services are going to need to start giving some love back in the form of statistics. Some would call this a data exchange, I personally call it a Attention Exchange. Now if those running these services really want to win the minds and hearts of those that they are profiting from the could start throwing some love in the form of cash. Some will ask why should they do that. Well the answer is simple some of these companies sole income is from aggregated data, those that are need to think about giving a percentage of profits back to those that bring the most eyes to their sites.

Attention is important who are you giving it to and how are they using it today. [Om Malik]