MovableType Template Frustration

Why can I not find a MovableType template that is similar to Geek News Central. I really want a simple to manage template that is similar in layout of this website. Completely frustrates me to no end I had a developer that was supposed to come up with a design for and after two weeks I get a message that what I want to accomplish is to hard. What happened to the days of I pay someone for what I want and it gets delivered.

I suppose I could just copy the design I have here to accomplish what I need to do, but geez give me a break that is not what I wanted to do. I see plain jane two column designs, I see three column designs that have the posting area in the middle.

Can someone come up with a template that will work with MT version 3.2 that has the posting area on the left and two columns on the right that I can easily adjust the widths on within CSS and have the left hand column auto size. If your looking for a project over the holidays and want to make some money and you have worked with MT templates before send me a e-mail