Rootkits and BitTorrent could Cause RIAA and MPAA to come knocking

I am going to be straight up, if this latest hack gets rolling their is going to be hell to pay. Imagine that your machine gets hacked and a crafty hacker installs a hidden rootkit. (Oh yeah doesn’t Sony have like a 1/2 million possible computers with a hidden rootkit installed). Lets just take it a step further not only has your machine been hacked but they load BitTorrent on it and start moving movies, audio files you name it they use your machine as seeder.

Think it can’t be done, well sadly it has and the threat is very real. Imagine then being sued by those rats over at the RIAA or the thugs at the MPAA for a crime that was committed by someone that had hacked your machine.

Almost makes you want to pull the Ethernet cable when your not at the computer doesn’t it []