Mother losses appeal to RIAA!

Rack another victory up to the RIAA, you already know, that I think, the organization tactics is about the same as a mobster coming in and saying pay up or else. Seems one of the original people the RIAA went after a couple of years ago will likely have to pay $22,900 to the organization. I am sure they will smile smugly when they collect the check.

The RIAA is likely only going after a very very small percentage of people that are using P2P . In all likelihood thousands of people could be targeted yet they had to sue someone to make a point. Twenty years from now the RIAA is going to look back and say, we were pretty stupid.

They RIAA continues to build ill will with people, this in turn is going to hurt record sales file trading will continue but it will move underground. They are not going to be able to stop it until they change their business model and come up with a distribution system that every person can afford. [Yahoo]