SoundSpectrum G-Force Platinum Software Review

There are very few times that when I am in front of my computer that I am not working, but the kids love to play music via a older laptop that I have hooked up to my stereo system. Given the opportunity to review a visualizer program I figured the kids would end up with something to look at when they were dancing downstairs turns out I will be buying a second copy.

I loaded the application on my desktop PC, which has a 21 inch screen and a mid range video card, and ran it through iTunes and Winamp, when I enabled it I was pretty surprised. We all have seen visualizers that essentially present you with dazzling colors but I was not expecting this. Either I have been living in a cave for a while or the folks that created this have been working overtime.

I am not sure what the total combinations of effects are, but it has to number several hundred. The software also allows you to change effects on the fly from a innovative control board along with having a screen capture function that let’s you change your desktop background to the captured image. You don’t have to be playing music as it also comes with a screen saver application that I think I will probably use more than the music portion. The only thing I think is missing is a option to force a change in visualization automatically.

SoundSpectrum G-Force Platinum is a great value at $30.00 You can tell these folks are very serious about creating amazing visualizers for your viewing pleasure. []

Disclaimer: Geek News Central was given a free license to review the above software package, the application was run and tested on a average PC, and was evaluated with no expectation from the software vendor of a positive review.


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    For those that haven’t yet checked it out, there is a new 3.5 version of the G-Force music visualizer that now fully supports OpenGL which takes advantage of graphic acceleration cards and makes for a much faster and more capable G-Force… the update is also for the G-Force V-Bar and Screensaver that come with Gold and Platinum… check it out at