Branded Blog and Podcast sites prime for Takeover

Seems since the sale of Weblogs Inc. everyone seems to think that a lot of weblog companies are going to be flipped this year. It’s all about the eyeballs and ears checking out or tuning into content. In a nutshell though it’s all about the content and in order to have enough content people have to join forces and align themselves with others that create quality content. Does that mean a bunch of people are going to get rich this year. I would imagine some like the folks over at Boing Boing and other similar high traffic sites are going to have a very good year if they decide that they want to flip their companies and cash in. Time will tell []


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    Bubble-Era Buyouts, more signs of the Apocalypse

    Well I sure seem to be on a Business 2.0 kick right now so let’s keep with it. On top of the “What’s Next” column by Om Malik he also has an article called “The Return of the Monetized Eyeballs” in the December issue.
    “For highly traffick…