iTunes ruined someones Thanksgiving

So thats where 2134 of my songs went. I recently did two things at once. I upgraded to the latest version of iTunes and went from a second generation iPod to a fifth generation. I used to have 7000 plus songs on the second generation now I have about 5100. I have not had time to deal with it but it appears I may be the victim of the same bug that has Jeremy pretty mad at the folks at Apple.

I must admit letting Apple iTunes have it’s way with the organization of your music is a pretty stupid thing to do as it has the most bizarre non logical way to organize music. I am sure it’s the way some zealot at Apple thinks it should be, and forces it upon the millions of unsuspecting users but I don’t allow the application to re-arrange my collection. through one of the preferences. Having ripped all of my CD’s in Winamp I suppose I like the way they organized music collections best.

Caution the link to this article contains adult language. [Jeremy Zawodny]