Sony where do I send the Bill?

Of course with 5 computers here at the house and the wife playing her large CD collection on her computer my digging around in it tonight made me want to scream. You guessed it the box has the Sony Rootkit installed in it. I immediately went to here CD collection and pulled out and CD with a Sony – BMG label on it and instructed her to never put those CD’s in a computer again.

I am about sick to my stomach but thank goodness for Norton Ghost. The box has been pulled of the network and I will be swearing at Sony for about the next 5 hours while I rebuild the machine. Considering the rate that computer repair shops are getting these days I figure my time is worth at least $100.00 an hour. So you can better believe I am going to send them a invoice. If they don’t pay it I am going to take them to small claims court. Were are my lawyer friends when I need them. [More Sony Horror]

5 Years before I purchase another Sony Product!