$400 Lap Top for Black Friday

This has not been confirmed by Wal-Mart, however it’s on almost every news page about Black Friday sales. I have seen this on quite a few sites and first heard about it through work. We sent this out to everyone to let them know. At this price you could almost make it a stocking stuffer :) If it isn’t true, there will be drama at Wal-mart early Black Friday morning.

[Wal Mart and the $400 laptop – Engadget – www.engadget.com]

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One thought on “$400 Lap Top for Black Friday

  1. Here’s the Black Friday website I watch, http://www.bfads.net/index.html .

    As for the $400 laptop, I really have to laugh. I will be changing jobs next month and I will have to get a Windows Laptop, I’m a Mac guy so I hate the idea of all those darn trojans, virues, spyware and adware to deal with again with stinking Windows.

    But I thought at least I can get a cheap laptop compared to my Apple Powerbooks. But after all the hype about cheap PC’s, guess what? To get a laptop that has any speed, size, and even comes semi-close to Apple quality, it cost as much or more then my Powerbook! Well you get what you pay for, cheap crap is cheap crap no matter what it is.

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