Sony to Recall disk and Root Kit uninstaller leaves security hole!

Sony is going to announce a recall of all of the CD’s that have the Rootkit installed on them and will be refunding money for customers with these disk. Now I wonder if they are going to pay to have customers take their computers to a repair shop and have their computers fixed. Not to mention that it is being reported that their online uninstaller causes the computer to be left in a state that has a security vulnerability.

I wonder if Sony has learned a lesson in this. They still have a very long way to go to clean up this mess and I hope other companies have added some notes to their never ever do this list. [] [USA Today]

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One thought on “Sony to Recall disk and Root Kit uninstaller leaves security hole!

  1. I think it’s good they are doing this. But This has left a bad taste in my mouth with Sony. I don’t think I will be buying things from Sony for a very long time

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