Watch Reruns on your PC? Not Me!

Old school TV shows are about to be available again. But as I read the list of shows that AOL is making available through Warner Brothers, I can see that many of these shows have been out of syndication for a long time. I am not sure i want to go back and re-live years gone past. I already wasted enough of my life in front of a TV as a youth. I don’t plan on wasting anymore by watching reruns on my computer.

If you think about it really hard, and actually tally up the time you waste in front of the TV it makes your eyeballs bulge. Today I spend a lot of time with productive things I am passionate about, in trying to insure that people get good brain food. Reruns are not good brain food and quite honestly I despise reruns.

But one thing from a perspective of someone that watches the media. It looks to me like the TV guys are starting to figure out the world is changing a heck of a lot faster than the music industry is. [Washington Post]

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