Podcast Academy Thoughts

Approx 80 podcasters spent the day hearing a panel which I was one talk about different aspects of podcasting. Doug Kaye from ITConversations.com organized the event with the support of TNC Media. I think we all walked away with a wealth of knowledge I took 3 pages of notes and had that have dunk from a firehouse feeling when it concluded. Nice to see all of the instructors just lay it on the line was the best 9 hours of training I have attended in a long time. It had almost a mini Gnomedex feel to it, the room even looked the same.


  1. Jay says

    Wish I could have been there! Maybe next time. Would have loved to hear everyone on the panel. Anyway, have fun and goodluck with the rest of the weekend! I’m sure it’ll be fun.

    Also, I’m a disappointed at no show today, but I completely understand. Travel is hardly ever easy on the normal things we do, much less when it’s a convention. Poor hotel T-1. lol The trunk must be at least red hot by now. lol!

  2. BQ27 says

    No podcast, no problem! I understand! Life on the road is hard enough!

    P.S. See you tomorrow at the Expo!