Convergence of Windows and Apple continue

As I know have been using my Mac off and on for about a 9 months while still living in a Windows world most of the time I can say that the thing that annoys me the most is the lack of toolbars on the applications I find myself getting irritated that the menus are not on the applications top bar. It really is annoying call it a personal pet peeve. Now it appears Windows may be trying to clean up the menu bar and I almost shouted no at the desktop. But if this trend continues and as each vendor copies each others ideas we will continue to see the operating systems converge.

Up to this point the only thing that I can honestly say that OSX does better than windows is their install process. When I remove installed applications I know they are gone. Windows has gotten better over the years but I still find too many applications leaving files and entries behind. Other than that productivity and ease of use is equal. I have yet to run an application on my Mac that was any better or worse than any I have running on my Windows box.

Oh the Apple is definitely more pretty but hey its a computer not a fashion statement. [PCWorld]

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4 thoughts on “Convergence of Windows and Apple continue

  1. Nice find, rainbowfly. I can’t afford a Mac, so I decided to make my Windows box look like OX Tiger. I have the cool looks, and the widgets, with all the same settings and programs as Windows. I have to say, I love how cool the Mac toolbar is, but I prefer the Start menu over it.

  2. I guess its hard to teach an old dog new tricks…..LOL

    I agree with you that XP is actually a nice OS except for the files left behind thing. I use both daily and its all about your comfort level. In OS X i love the dock, as for the windows task bar its a pain, imho. I also like the BSD command line stuff, though i have only recently started messing around with it. I only have a few commands under my belt but its all good. To me windows is just cluncky and we have all gotten used to it. I was in a meeting today and the Power Point presentation they used was just criptic. I think the new Vista thing will go alot farther to help in the looks department. But i ask you Todd have you truely used a mac for one week straight without touching your windows PC’s??? I dont think you can do it…. ;-)


  3. The applications themselves are superior to the Windows Apps, not so much the big ones like Photoshop and Office, but the shareware and freeware on the Apple OS is FAR better, besides being better looking, they are unique and functional. After using PC software for 15 years, and Mac software for the last 3 years, it’s definitely obvious.
    BTW.. Todd are you looking for traffic again that you have to trash Macs? After a while your remarks are less shocking, you’re are beginning to sound like a mini-Paul Thurrott.. pretty soon you’ll get more traffic by trashing Microsoft.. it works for Thurrott. :-)

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