The Forbes Weblog Article a Direct Attack and my Response

I have had 24 hours to adsorb the Forbes Blogging article and I have some points I want to make seeing one of the comments in the article comes back indirectly to this site. In the article Forbes talks very negatively about the Blog for Pay Campaign that Marqui ran earlier in the year. Being I was one of those paid bloggers let me tell you why that campaign was brilliant.

First of all Marqui told the world that they were going to do it, second they told us that were involved to tell the world we were being paid, third they gave us access to their product and let us say anything Positive or Negative about the application. Those post remain on this weblog and if you search for Marqui you will even find a link to a podcast with their CEO, that interview was off the cuff no questions sent ahead of the interview, and none asked for. What I wrote in all of my paid Blog post were my honest assessment of a product, it’s pricing and what I liked and disliked.

In every one of those post I disclosed I was getting paid to make that review and believe me some of those reviews I was critical of Marqui. Now I have beta tested software for years and have signed all kinds of NDA’s and have not been allowed to speak about the product. So here is a company that basically let us in to dig around in their drawers and get paid to see if there clothes were clean.

Maybe you ought to start looking at TV shows and the product placement that is going on with nothing more than a flash of a credit at the end of a show saying that the product placement was paid. You want a story about integrity why don’t you start their.

I value my reputation and I value the word I give to companies and people I am associated with. What I write is from the heart and is full of MY opinion. Since when in this great country of ours is so terrible to have an opinion. Heck lots of mainstream journalist have opinions and make it obviously clear they are biased when they speak. So much so it pisses me off because they know they are supposed to look at both sides of a story but do not.

This site is for people to read that like my opinion and I do what I say I am going to do and whether Forbes likes it or not a lot of people read this site. A lot listen to my podcast and a lot send me feedback everyday. Some good some bad. Guess what Forbes you all can take your article and use it in the John because the word written are not worth the paper it is written on. The editor and the person that wrote the article should be fired and escorted to the door. The article was a travesty. You wanted an opinion you just got one. [Forbes]

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