Typepad popularity leads to some down time!

The folks at SixApart have seen tremendous growth in TypePad their paid blogging service and outgrew the hosting facility they were in. As they have transitioned to the new facility they have had some down time due to servers just not being able to handle the load. They are bringing on more equipment and the move to the new data center will increase their bandwidth by three times and they will be able to increase the number of servers.

Traffic to a blog and blogs is good and bad. This site moves about a 150 gb of just website traffic a month alone which is up nearly 50% since last year. That means you all are reading but with that comes considerations I have not had to deal with in the past and one of the reasons I just spent over $1300.00 on a new dedicated server to transfer some secondary domains off this server and onto a box with about 10 times the horsepower and available storage.

For the life of me I never thought I would need 1 server dedicated to a single website but yet that is the case. I feel the pain SixApart is going thru I am thankful that I dont have customers screaming at me for the downtime. [SixApart]