Weblog Ping Servers are either broke or over loaded!

I have been watching our success rate at pinging major indexes over the past couple of weeks and I have drawn some conclusions. Most of the ping servers are broke big time and only a small portion of the pings are getting through. I have even went ahead and increased time-out times to ridiculous levels and to no avail the sites don’t pick up the pings.

IceRocket has not accepted a ping in over 2 weeks. This is the error message Ping ‘http://rpc.icerocket.com:10080′ failed: HTTP error: 302 Moved Temporarily, Weblogs.com Misses about 50% of the pings but hopefully Verisign will fix this during their server move. No wonder Yahoo podcast directory is not updating I am seeing this entry in about 80% of the attempts to ping them, http://api.my.yahoo.com/rss/ping?u=http://www.geeknewscentral.com/podcast.xml’ failed.

Whats wrong with these sites. Technorati has about a 25% success rate, but others I am seeing a100% success rate, it appears the bigger sites just cannot handle the number of incoming pings?