One More Thing…

Apple conveniently choose a spot that is dead to cell phone, so nobody is live blogging the event. We will get the updates after the session. [Engadget]

Some notes from Engadge:
* Video iPod! It will be30% thinner than the current iPod and can come in black. Apple’s focus is still music over video though. Seems like it will play MPEG-4 h.264 and most likely Quicktime.

* Updated iMacs. There will be a 1.5 Ghz with a 17-inch display and 2.1 Ghz with a 20-inch display. Also includes a built-in iSight.

* Front Row. A remote control for Macs.

* New iTunes 6 featuring downloadable music videos for $1.99 USD.

One more thing…

* Purchase episodes of Lost, Desperate Housewives, Night Stalker, That’s So Raven, and The Suite Life on ITMS for $1.99 each.

Thoughts? I signed up today to donate plasma… I am going for the 60 GB video iPod. I watch some vidcasts and wouldn’t mind watching a video on a small screen like that… mostly when I am bored. I think the price is right for the TV shows and I would pay 1.99 for a missed episode of Lost if I didn’t have a TiVo. I hope this succeeds so that they publish more shows on iTunes.