Music Industry needs to remove DRM?

How many of you are locked into buying Music from Apple because you have a lot of money invested in music from them that is locked down and legally keeps you from moving it to another device. Personally I have a iPod and a IRIVER so what happens when I want to take the music I have purchased legally on iTunes and put those songs on my IRIVER, well legally I am out of luck. Being a geek I have the resources to use my music anyway I want.

But some people may feel locked in. In the referenced article it is suggested the best things the labels could do is demand the removal of all DRM from songs Apple sells. This would allow people to not be locked into Apple iTunes and the labels would be able to maneuver a little. Great read and something to think about. DRM is good for Apple and they would be in real trouble if the labels demanded a removal of DRM from any music sold. []

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