Transition to Traditional Funding from Personal Bootstrapping is a big decision!

My wife said to me tonight as we where taking the kids to see “CHI” here in Honolulu, honey you have been running at 250% for about 10 months straight don’t you think it’s time to take a break. Not wanting to make her feel bad for caring I know in my heart that this is only the beginning, I look back at what has been accomplished over the past 10 months and realized we are just getting going..

The challenge when bootstrapping a startup yourself and having to work a full time job to boot there are only so many hours in the day, and if I had 3 clones they all could not get done what needs to be done on a day by day basis.

With one company firing on all cylinders cash positive but needing a little nitro, and a second getting ready to launch it sure has been interesting. Although I had not planned on starting a second company this year I really had no choice as the ideas in my head that were time sensitive needed to be implemented quickly required partners, and I simply could not do it myself, it was just easier to formalize a second company and keep the two enterprises separate.

I told my wife though that a lot more long nights are ahead, and all kinds of excitement to boot. As thing have progressed, I have resigned myself to the fact I need some staff. Did I mention I am taking two college classes at all times, on top of this. Personally Bootstrapping a business comes with risk and it’s time to take the business plan #1 to the bank, being cash positive will help but hiring some help will require some real money and hopefully the bankers will like what we have to show them . The goal then will be to find 2-3 people that can work independently and like to work like I do, that will be the challenge.