GNC-2005-10-07 #106

Recorded while it was still daylight so I could take the kids to the a Chinese acrobat show. I know you are going to enjoy this one lots of commentary and I get you caught up with what is going on with Podcast Connect, Podcaster News Network, PodcastAwards and of course a pile of technology news and information.

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Weblogs Inc and AOL
Fun Spam Stock Tracker
No Video iPod?
Is This the Video iPod?
MovableType 4 Years Old Sold Congrats Dave!
How Americans use the Net!
Network Feud
Picture Clearing House
Laptop – Phone Power
Sony PSP Trojan
9 Patches on Patch Tuesday
Region Encoding!
Tips for Taggers
Shuttle Foam
Ulysses Circles the Sun
Broadcast Flag!
NewsGator – NetNewsWire
HBO Fights Torrents!

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