Geek News Central Editor Todd Cochrane awarded a Hawaii High Tech Leader Award

Last night I and others here in Hawaii were honored in an awards ceremony. I was very humbled to have been picked to receive a Hawaii High Tech Leader Award for 2005. I received a certificate from the Governor of Hawaii and one from the Mayor of Honolulu. My wife wasted no time trying to find a place in the office for them. Personally I kinda hate I love me walls. She deserves credit more than I do for putting up with me working 24/7.

She had the digital camera out and was snapping up pictures. I’ll get those posted on Flickr tonight, I am not sure when the official photos will be available but getting a picture next to the gorgeous Miss Hawaii was nice.

The food and music were great and although many large companies were honored it was nice to see a small company like ours compete in the big leagues. The award was a result of several items primarily my book on podcasting, what is going on with Podcast Connect and the information we provide via Geek News Central get recognized.

Quite seperately I logged into the Author site at Wiley this morning and was very pleased with the book sales. I want to thank each and every one of you as sales are still going gang busters, and it continues to move real good on all the online sites. I am truly surprised by the numbers!

If you attended last nights event and we did not get to chat please drop me a line [email protected]