125 articles a months for $500.00 sounds like slave wages to me!

I found the Wired article “Can Bloggers Strike it Rich? quite fascinating and a bit shocking. If what Wired came up with is true then a significant number of people that are blogging for Weblogs Inc. are not getting paid very much.

If you do the math, based upon comments that Jason puts out on how they are going to do a million dollars in adsenses this year along with the other stuff he likes to brag about all the time, the $500.00 a month wage seems really low, of course the boss and the staff have to be paid a regular wage. It appears those doing the heavy lifting may be getting robbed. Speculation on my part of course.

If they came to me, and wanted 125 articles a month and offered $500.00 a month to blog, I would not know to laugh or be insulted, especially if the contract had a exit clause that said I could not write on a subject for six months. That would be a deal killer.

Considering an article I wrote for a major magazine several months ago was 600 words and I was paid $500.00 in return for services rendered it seems to me writing 125 articles a month for $500.00 amounts slave wages. [Wired]

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2 thoughts on “125 articles a months for $500.00 sounds like slave wages to me!

  1. and on top of all of this they want you to moderate all the comments that come in as well. I think they should rethink their strategy and go after Quality not quantity.

  2. I’ll post news articles, about 3-4 a day for $200 a month.. :-)

    But if someone asked me to write original 500 word articles for that, I’d have to laugh at them too.

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