Feedburner responds to questions raised!

I have gotten a lot of private e-mail from people telling me they have to use feedburner they have no other choice. When I ask them which application they are using the respond in naming weblog applications that have RSS built in. Most have been pretty shocked. I am puzzled because most had to have known the correct URL to start with. I think when most geeks here the word RSS their noses get all bent out of shape and they ask a geek friend for help and the easiest solution is to sign them up with feedburner.

Anyway seeing I have trackbacks turned off because of this. I wanted to point back to a response Eric at feedburner put up on a weblog over this post. One thing that I will contest though in his response is that he says they check all 100,000 sites every 30 minutes looking for updates. Based on what we have seen over at TechPodcasts.com as Mambo does not have enclosure support we are not seeing them query the site every 30 minutes. We also ping them when we post so I am not so sure that works a 100% as advertised. I am sure your mileage will vary.

Good info non the less from the folks over there. My issue continues to this day though why hasn’t someone built tools that will do the same thing as their site but contained on our own server. My checkbook and or Visa card stand at the ready. [BurningDoor]