Flagging Blogger Content a Joke

I have been using the Flag blogger content option to try and draw attention to weblogs that have been setup for spamming. I think I am about two weeks into flagging accounts and have been tracking those that I have flagged and guess what.

Nothing has been done to them. Obviously it takes about 5 seconds to look at some of these sites and realize that spammers are using them. So the question I ask why are the not being killed off.

I am not about to keep flagging accounts if the end result is no action. Some of these sites are infringing on copyright so I suppose that will have to start sending e-mails to that effect as it seems they cannot control their services.


1. When a person signs up for a blogger account get a credit card
2. Put in the terms and services that if you use the account for being weblog spam that a one time fee of $500.00 will be charged to the credit card.
3. This will allow us re-course legally if the infringing site does not take the material down.