Has Technorati lost that loving feeling!

I find an amazing amount of information each week from all of the search terms I have setup that look for keywords via Pubsub and Technorati and like some others I am about feed up with Technorati. Their quality has really been falling off I hate to say it but some of the traditional search engines that allow keyword searches to be converted into RSS feeds are doing better albeit a few days slower.

I agree with some other blogger posts that PubSub is kicking dirt in Technorati’s face at the moment, and the divide is getting wider every day.

Case in point, I submitted a Press Release to the wire services nearly 4 months ago it was picked up by both Technorati and Pubsub at the time when I originally released it but here is the kicker. Today I see it in my RSS feed for Technorati again with todays date as the publish date.

I am not sure what is going on over their but my feeddemon news aggregator has all of my Pubsub terms at the top of the column and technorati at the bottom. I used to inter mingle them but I find it a general waste of time to do that now. [Jason Kottke]