RoundTable Live Event Sept 3rd

The team over at has been working real hard for the last two weeks getting ready for our next live event. I am pretty excited about it and have been building a couple of presentations.

This event is going to be all about RSS (Real Simple Syndication) and OPML (Outline Processor Markup Language) sounds pretty geeky doesn’t it. Well we are going to break the topic down into 4 areas that I think everyone will get something out of.

We want to help those that have not taken the RSS plunge yet by talking about

1. News Aggreators and how to use them to save time
2. Using Technorati, Pubsub and Feedster to find info your looking for.
3. We will show you how to use Dave Winers new OPML Editor in a collaborative way.
4. We will show you a hack that will allow you to use Microsoft Word’s Blogger plugin with any Weblog
5. In addition we will be talking about some other tools that will help those of you editing weblogs.

If you want to sit in on this live event please sign-up. We kick off on September 3rd at 1:30PM Pacific [Sign-up Here]