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Like I have been saying for months don’t put your trust in FeedBurner!

Posted by geeknews at 8:51 PM on August 27, 2005

Update: FeedBurner folks are saying that the TWIT feed has some API feature enabled that allowed the sharing of their subscriber data. It’s a catch 22 you choose not to enable it, and you will be pulled from a ranking list. Feedburner is saying they will have to do some more educating their users. Leo Laporte makes a update on his weblog but is still moving his feeds the pudding is in the comments!

Original: I have been saying for many months that I thought it was a VERY bad idea to be using FeedBurner as your primary RSS feed. It seems that Leo Laporte has figured that out the hard way, and is now moving away from FeedBurner as fast as he can get people to move.

Guess what though he is pretty much screwed, thousands of people have subscribed to that direct feedburner link. This is one of the reason I will never use a third party to host my RSS feed. [Leo Laporte]


  1. From Nick Bradbury at 10:09 pm on August 27, 2005

    FeedBurner enables Leo to redirect his feeds, so he’s not “screwed” – see:

    I started using FeedBurner when they added this capability, since it meant I could redirect out of FeedBurner if I decided I didn’t want to use their service. FWIW, I’ve been very pleased with FeedBurner, but I know that will taken with a grain of salt since they promote FeedDemon.

  2. From trees420 at 1:23 am on August 28, 2005

    FeedBurner’s CTO posted a response to this situation on Leo’s blog comments and I posted the full text on my blog entry as well if anyone is interested.

    Judge for yourself on this one.

  3. From Jimw at 8:45 pm on August 28, 2005

    Please be aware that you can turn of the API feature. Log into your feedburner account. Click on Publicize next to your blog or website. Half way down look for Awareness API. Click on Show API settings. You can turn it off there. I AM ABIT STRESSED TONIGHT. MY FAMILY IS IN THE DIRECT PATH OF THIS HURRICANE.