RSS without FedBurner

I have had a number of people ask me to explain in more detail what I would like to see in the way of enhancements to the statistics of RSS feeds that I can control on my own server.

If you are using FeedBurner today, and that service disappeared tomorrow were would you turn to get the type of info they are providing. My contention is their are a lot of us that would feel much more comfortable running a RSS Stats application on our own servers that would replicate much of what FeedBurner is doing today without FeedBurner.

I am sure FeedBurner has good intentions with my users data, but I simply do not like giving up control of the life bread of my website, “RSS” to a third party, at the same time I want the same level of statistics Feedburner is providing as a service without giving up control of my feeds.

Some of you will say you can stop using them anytime. But the response I give is why should I even start when technology should allow me to do this locally.

The question I keep asking and one I have yet to get a satisfactory answer to, is why doesn’t this functionality exist today were I don’t have to outsource RSS Stats collection and potentially give someone access to your personal information.