New Hard Drive in Laptop

Thursday evening my wife came up to the office and asked me if I was ok. I replied no. This was from the prospect of having to replace a hard drive in my laptop. The twice daily backups was beyond painful, and I could tell the drive was getting worse.

I said as soon as I get home Friday from work it’s swap out time. Armed with a copy of Casper XP I pulled a new hard-drive out of the drawer, and plugged it into a external hard drive shell. I plugged it into a USB port, shutdown every application I could, unplugged from the Internet, turned the Virus protection off, and started the disk copy.

Went watched a movie with the wife, and had a error free copied drive. Screwdriver in hand opened the Vaio up, and was surprised to see how dirty inside it was. 20 minutes of cleaning and a couple of tense moments with tiny screws the new drive was in. Pressed the power button and prayed.

It Booted, logged in and was good as new. I sat their with my mouth wide open. I have had to do this with a few PC years past but never had the main hard drive been so easy. I was blown away. Ohh and that hard drive I pulled out it rattles so I guess I need to consider myself lucky that it lasted as long as it did. So It joins the collection of 12 other hard drives I have on a shelf that I have destroyed over the years.

Casper XP best $49.95 I have ever spent, it works better than Norton Ghost.

Only minor thing some applications need activating again which clues me into how some companies are verifying licenses these days.