Pubsub is Broken!

I am not sure what is going on over at PubSub but I have not received any updates for 3 days on over 100 search terms. Hey Pubsub is your service broken? Do a Technorati search for my name as an example “Todd Cochrane” and then go to Pubsub and you will see that something is amiss.

Anyone at home over their e-mail to customer support has went unanswered? []


  1. eugene y jen says

    Hi geeknews,

    I spotted this phenomenon and our team sort of figured out the reasons behind it. We are not certain 100% that all the problems are gone, but it looks like the system is back to where it was before. So do you guys see any new items inside your existing subscriptions?

    Please let us know, as long as the problem is clearly stated and reproducible, it will be cleared someday from our very long to-do list.