Some aggregation results that suprise me!

It looks like another study is out that looks at the new aggreators people are using and a couple of them in the top spots surprised me. I think you will find them equally as interesting. I am now going to have to dig down a little deeper into my log files and see if our stats match up. I honestly don’t think so but we will see.. []


  1. says

    Hi Todd, this is very interesting, but I don’t really find it surprising.

    I use bloglines and find it a great means of synchronising what I look at , at work , with what I read at home.

    For me the real surprise is the rise of Itunes to a top spot overnite, which really proves its market dominence in the Podcatching arena.

    Todd, as you can see the Podcatchers play a significant role on the RSS arena, and I believe for that reason you’re own stats will look quite similar based on the fact that your full feed will be pulling a lot of podcatchers as well.