GNC-2005-07-05 #79

This is a very full show recorded at nearly midnight, and has several very important announcement. One is a new Podcasting initiative I am starting, podcasters that want to be involved with Podcaster News Network need to listen in. I cover a wide variety of topics and hope you listen to the entire 50 minutes. You can reach me via Skype at “geeknewscentral” or via voice mail 619-342-7365 or e-mail [email protected]

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Scoble says Windows Software is still Innovative?
Are you a Lawyer that can Help Us?
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Colonial Williamsburg Podcasts
Some tell me what clicker for the classroom does?
Chip an Xbox get prosecuted!
Apple’s Summer Surprise
Device will not let you Speed!
Do you like Gizmo?
Big Media fighting for space on your iPod!
Secure that WiFi
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