Is Microsoft about to buy a Spyware company

Rumor on the street is that Microsoft is about to buy Claria which was responsible for the spyware filled application Gator. If Microsoft is buying it I hope the purpose is to fire everyone and close the company down dismantle it’s customer tracking infrastructure and shred all data they have. Yeah I know that would be dream come true are probably a million to one.

This would be a very bad move. Imagine the worldwide top seller of software buys a spyware company. Makes me shudder to think about it. [ComputerWorld]


  1. says

    Geez Todd!
    Your just not thinking right here… this is a great idea to tie Gator into Outlook and have the RSS program solved in one fail swoop along with Microsoft’s desire to secretly check every piece of software on your PC for legit registration.
    You need to start thinking like MS if you want to succeed in this world! :-)