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    Something is starting to seem suspicous about this whole thing with Apple. If you listen to Wizards of Technology, the latest show talks about this and has some interesting views.

    One reference was that Apple is becoming Microsoft in Podcasting… time will tell.

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    Something else I remembered (brain is on vacation :-) ). They made it sound like this was rushed out. So iTunes might not be feature rich. So the big question then is why it was rushed. They don’t even provide BitTorrent support. This is now a major feature that all podcatchers should include to help with bandwidth issues. I for one plan on some point making sure that I am using everyone’s BitTorrent feed so I can help ease bandwidth.

    I would offer some of my bandwidth to these podcasters, but I don’t know how it could help them. I know, I wonder if someone could create a program to help “load balance” these downloads. Allowing someone to place there podcast on serveral servers taking the load off one server.I have plenty of bandwidth just don’t really use it.