Geek News Central Podcast #74 2005-06-17

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[ Roundtable coming this weekend]

3 Tuners in new TiVo

How to get prices with cell phone from Google!

SmartFeed Podcatcher
Nextel Barcode readers
Webdesign Discussions
Brain Study bought by Yahoo
Homebrew Aircrew
Chris Pirillo
Microsoft Aggreator
Microsoft meets the hackers!
Map Room
Dave Winer OPML Outliner
Paying Meters with Cell Phones
Dell and Apple!
Yahoo test news premium subscriptions
Hope for the Blind!
The best of Weblogs Inc.
Microsoft building their own P2P program
Video Skype
Big Brother
Secure Firefox
MPAA wants your data from ISP!
FTC gonna go after companies that loose data!
Spyware via BitTorrent
Patriot Act
DTV with not Tuners!
DRM and Microsoft Reader!
Secure the Laptop
Nick Bradbury coding Machine!
NASA Budget Good to Go!
Progress ship update!
Space Shuttle on the Pad!
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