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Webcams that run a long time on AAA batteries

Posted by geeknews at 3:55 AM on June 16, 2005

I remember in the last house we lived in that I could aim my webcam down the hallway from my office and actually see into the kitchen. I had pcanywhere running on the PC so when I could take a few snaps to hopefully catch a glimpse of the kids. Well one day I turn on the camera and who is standing up on a counter reaching into a cabinet that is off limits. (candy)

So I pick up the cell and call home and ask my wife to put my daughter on the phone and I ask here what she was doing standing on the counter with her hands in the cabinet that has candy.

I get silence on the line as she tries to figure out how i knew well thats was the extent of the fun I have had with a webcam, but it seems other people are being innovative and putting webcams in all kinds of interesting places and running them remotely. A new camera though will last a long time on set of batteries check out this link. [Yahoo]

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