Federal Government considering requiring ISP’s to archive user activity

Let me get this straight you go online and every action you take while online is recorded, so that just in case your suspected of something in the future a government agency can come in with a search warrant, and ask for all the present and past log files from your ISP of your activities.

First of all the administrative burden on ISP’s is going to be terrible, not to mention making the millions of Americans subject now to search, and seizure types of rules that smells very foul.

Here is the deal, the feds think your doing something bad they get a search warrant or a wiretap order, and collect info from that point forward or whatever they can take with them when they kick the doors in, and seize your data.

I have a word in my head I want to use, but being the feds are only thinking about it, and not acting upon it I will keep that word reserved for a later date. This really disturbs me. [CNET News]

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