1st class ticket to Jail!

We have seen a number of high profile hackers spend some time behind bars but it looks like some more are about to removed from society. I just read a great article on Wired and even though it is a story of hacking that just got out of control and by mostly kids who were looking to build a name for themselves the story goes deeper than that.

What concerned me the most was how easy it was for them to penetrate LexisNexis data. To some extent the LexisNexis people and their users are to blame. Social engineering and ethical value continue to pop up time and time again in some of the activities these individuals are doing.

I will be the first to admit that in all likelihood no system is 100% secure and as databases become more interlinked we will see greater infiltrations and gleaming of data that we would rather not have on a database in the control of countless unknown companies in the first place. [Wired]

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