BitTorrent changing the way we distribute content but for how long?

I know that the press is starting to focus in on BitTorrent and the general public has understand for a long time the power behind the distributed P2P technology. The questions remain will ISP’s put up with it.

To a point the Internet has been primarily a download system. That is why you can download files over broadband at 500kps, the question I get all the time is why can’t I upload over 40kps. I am as frustrated as the next guy because it takes me about 30 minutes to upload my twice weekly podcast and that adds time to a already busy schedule and quite honestly it is irritating.

Cable companies focus on the downstream and really do not like people pushing massive amounts of data upstream. They like to have 100 lane highways into town and 2 lanes out. BitTorrent and other P2P applications have started to cause traffic jams of monumental proportions on the 2 lane highway out of town. The question is how long before the system administrators at those ISP’s get sick of it and start turning the faucet off for packets originating on certain ports.

The word from people I know in the industry are saying the unbelievable pressure is being put on ISP’s nation wide to turn that 2 lane highway into a bumpy narrow path leading straight up a mountain. Thus the P2P party may be about to be over not by government but by ISP’s folding to the pressures of those that would like to see P2P eradicated.

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