Podcasting and Recording With Skype

A lot of feedback from the last show on recording with Skype. I have included excerpts from three e-mails that have some great suggestions and setups. See the extended entry Big Thanks to all those that submitted info..

Email #1 From Brian

First off I’m a regular listener (on my way home from work) and love the show. Keep it up! I was listening today to your recent podcast
(Tues4/19) and you had gone on to mention how you record Skype using some sort of technique requiring simultaneous recordings of the call and post editing. I have been doing a Variety/Tech Heavy Podcast with
5 of my friends for the past 3 months now and since we all live in different states we have to use Skype. We have not once used your technique. It was talked about but considered too much post production for our busy lives lol. We are all a bunch of geeks and technophobes and have tried several different techniques basically depending on who is recording that night and what equipment they have. It can get complicated when you start using external mixers and various sound cards but there is an easy way to do it with out having to record the skype calls on both sides. I have been messing around with a podcasting app called Mix cast live. It definitely has a ways to go but for 40 bucks it gets the job done and most importantly has this “Patch Cable” functionality that allows us to record skype calls and since our podcast consists of a big skype conference call it is very important. Here is a link to the instructions on how to record a skype call using Mix Cast live how to record with Skype I’ve also included a link to the software Mix cast live here mixcastlive.com Anyway I just thought I’d throw that at ya to give to the listeners. If your are curious on any other methods we have tried and how well they work, just let me know. Finally i must plug our podcast Interstate1002 interstate1002.com

Email #2 from Shez

Hey, Todd.

Just listened to your April 19 show and thought I’d drop you a line about recording Skype. As you may know, Neville Hobson and I do a twice-weekly podcast called “For Immediate Release: The Hobson & Holtz Report.” I’m in the SF Bay Area and Neville’s in Amsterdam. The only way we could do this is using Skype, which we’ve now done for 25 shows.

We don’t use the double-ender, but it still turns out sounding pretty good. (We’re going to go to the double-ender one of these days when Neville gets a rig that duplicates mine.)

Here’s how we do it. I use a Behringer Eurorack mixer. My microphone jacks into the Mic 1 input. I run a cable from the headphones out on my Mac Powerbook (it works just as well from the headphones out of a Windows laptop or desktop) into another one of the Eurorack’s line in. I run the main out back into the laptop’s line in. And that’s basically it. I do use a compressor, but that’s incidental. I start Audacity recording, then call Neville on Skype. My voice goes in through the mic 1 input, Neville’s is mixed in through the second input coming from the headphones jack. I can control my levels and gain separately from Neville’s using the mixer. Piece of cake.

Before I figured this setup out, though, I used a more complicated method involving a piece of shareware called Virtual Audio Cables. The guy who figured this out — I think his name is Bill Campbell — has a PDF document online that explains it. It involves running two instances of Skype simultaneously, so you set up a conference call that includes a call to you and a call to the person you’re interviewing. You record the conference call instead of the main instance of Skype. It’s complex, but it works great.
It’s also Windows-only, I think. (I have a Windows desktop box.)

One more Skype note. I reported that Skype had launched voice mail and Skype In. It’s my understanding this launch was the official out-of-beta launch, even though both services had been available before. At least, that’s what the notice said that I saw yesterday!

Keep up the great work. You have no more devoted listeners than me! And one day, if you can spare some time, I’d love to talk with you about your Tech Podcast Network. I’m interested in doing the same thing, only with a Business Podcast Network.


Email #3 Dan

Hey Todd… you had a listener (04.19.05) with a question about recording a podcast with Skype and I came across a third solution that requires a bit of setup but could be quite effective…


Keep up the great show!

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