Why Removal of DRM from iTunes is So Important

We have all read about Jon Johansen’s PyMusique application which allowed purchasing and downloading of music from iTunes Music Store without the normal DRM attached. Since you still have to pay for the songs, many folks have asked me why it’s so important. Here’s why.

Apple plans on starting a subscription service to compete with Napsters. But if they have no control over the songs downloaded from a subscription service, they have no method of stopping the music after you stop paying. Right now, Napster takes back your music when you stop paying. Imagine subbing for one month and downloading thousands of songs and then walking away with them. It will never happen. As long as the DRM busting software is out there, you will never see a subscription service from Apple.

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5 thoughts on “Why Removal of DRM from iTunes is So Important

  1. Nonsense. It’s only because of the DRM in Microsoft’s PlayForSure program that Napster can terminate your rights to play the music you’ve downloaded using their subscription service.

    In other words, if Apple removes DRM from iTunes, there would be no way to manage a subscription service – should they ever choose to launch one.

    Dan Knight, publisher, Low End Mac

  2. Perhaps you should say: “Removing the DRM-management from iTunes and moving it to the iTunes Music Store is the key of building a subscrption based service.”

    What you have wrote here is ambiguous.

  3. I am sorry it came across as that, I understood what I wanted to say, but sometimes it gets lost in the translation. Basically we are all in agreement, no DRM, no iTunes subscription service.

  4. Removal of DRM is important? Nonsense

    Continual ‘support’ for Jon Johansen’s PyMusique (aka DVD Jon) flows out of various blogs around the internet. Geek News Central.com has a rather short blurb that is under the premise that as long as you keep breaking Apple’s DRM they…

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