Geek News Central Podcast #50 2005-03-25

Show 50 folks. Here is the prize we gave away for the 50th show. Being I live in the 50th State, and this being the 50th Show we gave away an American Flag that will be flown on the day of the winners choosing aboard the Battleship Missouri that is anchored here at Ford Island.

For those of you not familiar with the Battleship Missouri I recommend that you visit the offical site be sure to visit this magnificent ship when you come to Hawaii!


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The independent music artist Bari Koral with Perfect sorry the song we play a tune from AMEX and we can no longer find them on


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  1. Hmm. My reading of the licensing thing is similar to one of the commenters on the article you linked: “ASCAP/BMI licensing gives you performance rights only, meaning that you have the rights to perform a song yourself. In order to play someone else’s recorded performance you need to obtain additional master use rights from the record company.” Tread carefully! Or just stick with indie artists.

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