Audio Comment Applet wanted

I am looking for an Applet that I can stick on certain post on this site that will allow you to click it, and it will open either a java applet or something similar that will allow you to leave a voice comment. This would be something I could incorporate into the regular comment section. This is specifically for the podcast post initially I want to add another feedback option. Ideas anyone!


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    I might be wrong, but I don’t think there are any technologies out there that support recording from audio-in. Possibly ActiveX, but that wouldn’t be cross-platform.

    I think you’d have to have it as an “Upload a Comment” in MP3 format.

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    Actually, you can do this with both Java and ActiveX . It’s already been done in Java (it was released 2 days ago!), but it’s going to cost you $300. You can demo it at or go to the developer’s site at