The Price of Admission to the Marqui Content Management System

As I have been traversing the Marqui Content/Communications Management System as one of their paid to blog, webloggers my thought process has continually drifted back to how effective would this tool be for a small business. Hence the question in the interview yesterday. My initial conclusion is that it would be very effective.

My second thought was how much is it going to cost. I guess most business owners would probably ask that question first. I like to be able to buy a product and own it. I tend to shy away from re-occurring cost it’s easier for me to swallow a one time payment even if it is going to be a big one, in that I know there will be few surprises down the road.

Currently the Marqui CMS pricing is based around a subscription model. Honestly I don’t care for it. The tool is terrific but will it increase my organizations productivity enough to support the subscription fee. Hunting around the Marqui site I was unable to find a pricing model, this has a tendency to make me wonder why. So as a objective paid reviewer of their service I am going to suggest a couple of things.

1. Put pricing on your website
2. If it is as I suspect structured on the features you implement build a table with that pricing broken out.
3. Consider a one time flat rate purchase for the product.
4. Better yet have both models to fit the needs of all business owners.

I realize this may not fit their current business model but from the perspective of a small business owner I think it would help you gain market share in areas that they are not currently penetrating. [Marqui]