Wanted VOIP Service that has 808 Areacode

I picked up a Vonage VOIP package the other day. I got it home to set it up and about 20 minutes into the setup process I find out Vonage does not have local numbers here in Hawaii. I was a bit pissed. I had purchased their signup kit from Compusa and when I returned it the customer service rep told me that they were supposed to disclaim that at the check-out counter.

My bet is they had to many people not buy the package on the spot and Compusa wanted to dump the 100 or so kits I saw on the showroom floor. If you know of a VOIP company that offers 808 areacodes i’m all ears.

I think the referenced ZDNet article should have included Hawaii. [ZDNet]


  1. zeppelin says

    I know how you feel. I use Vonage and I love it, but no Hawaii numbers. They really dont have numbers in that many places. Other than that, the service is awesome. If you look at the feature list it can’t be beat. I have been using vonage on Maui with a Washington phone number for about two years.


  2. says

    Hello and I do have a company that has 808 area VOIP service available. The company is called Globalinx out of Rochester NY. I have military in Hawaii and the service is super. Cost is $24.99 a month unlimited service and they have a yearly plan that is cheaper. They also have free calling to the UK, Canada, UK, Ireland, France Spain and China. Be Glad to talk to you about this if you want.