Geek News Central Podcast #21 2004-12-21

Went thru Geek Hell yesterday, details are in the Podcast. Little less than 30 minutes today due to software issues yesterday. May do 3 shows this week we will see.


Google Trust (Unknown Autoupdate of Google Desktop Search)
Google Desktop Search deinstall destroyed my TCP/IP Stack
MovableType version 3.14 released.
What’s the big deal for Technology in January 2005?
Could it be true the next iPod is a xPod capable of satellite reception!
Send the RIAA and MPAA a lump of coal for Christmas.
Cell Phones killing brain cells!
Sonic finalized deal to buy Roxio
Technorati Japan
PC Magazine gives MSN Spaces nice review.
Why I may switch to MSN Desktop Search.
SuperNova and TorrentBits sites are dark!
Lockergnome Reviews Trillian 3.0
Produce a Podcast using Multi-user chat on Skype.


  1. says

    One small note about your “Trillian 3” comment.

    I just got Trillian 3.0, and AFAIK, it’s not a seperate upgrade fee. There is still the free Basic version, for one, and if you still have time on a Pro subscription, you can upgrade to the full Pro version of 3.

    Trillian (Cerulian Studios) uses a yearky subscription-based model, as opposed to a single-version purchase. You buy for a given amount of time, and get access to all Pro upgrades, patches, and plugins.

    I recall hearing some controversy about people who thought they bought a “Lifetime Upgrade Subscription”, but it seems those don’t actually exist (???).